Loyalty Cards

What are Loyalty Cards?
Loyalty Cards come is a rewards program that we offer with every order.  With every order, we include a loyalty card where you collect hearts from freebies to earn a $5 CAN coupon code.  On the top of every monthly freebie there is a BLACK heart sticker that you can peel off and stick to match the hearts on the loyalty card.  Once you fill up all 5 hearts on the card you will receive a $5 CAN coupon code to use on your next order.

How do I redeem a Loyalty Card?
Congratulations on completing a full card!

♥ Write down the date you are redeeming the card.

♥ Take a picture of your completed card and email prairieplanner@gmail.com with the photo attachment and your order number. 

♥ Wait for a quick reply as a confirmation and your coupon code to be used on your next order.

Note: Emails should be sent before a new order is placed and preferably a few hours before making your purchase. Depending on the season, we sometimes have a lot of emails and we try to get to them as quick as possible.

Can I redeem multiple Loyalty Cards at once?
Of course you can!  You can save up your Loyalty Cards to redeem for a larger coupon code amount.  

Can Loyalty Cards be used with other coupon codes or sales?
Sorry, unfortunately since we cannot stack coupon codes, you will need to use your loyalty cards to an orders with no other coupon codes.